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AirPods range explained: How far away do AirPods work

AirPods are comfortable earbuds that won’t encumber your head with weight or warm your ears with cushions – and will never snag the cable on your apartment door or the hand of a passerby. AirPods are built to last for hours of daily use. They’re designed to let you listen to music and talk to people. You’ll always be aware of a passing car and hear any calls or messages – especially when they’re streamed from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

For wireless earphones, the signal range is very important. The same goes for Apple earphones. So, here is about the AirPods signal range and how far away can they work.

How to control the AirPods earphones

A touchpad is built into the body of the headphones. With a double-tap on either earpiece, you can control the Siri assistant, pause and play music. The actions are interchangeable – either voice assistant or play pause. This has to be selected in the settings. Touches must be strong enough, otherwise, the earphones will not detect them.

To answer the call, end it or switch to a second line as well is a double-tap on either earpiece. In the smartphone settings, you can activate the AirPods to read out a person’s name so that you know who is calling.

How far away do AirPods work from your device

The process of pairing the earphones is quick and easy. When you open the case, a pop-up window should appear on your smartphone that prompts you to connect the earphones. When you close it, the pop-up window disappears. The initial pairing takes a couple of seconds. After that, every time you open the lid of the case, the smartphone will show the charge of both the earphones and the case.

The Apple W1 chip built into the earphones is responsible for seamless connectivity and sensor performance. According to the company, it also increases the range of Bluetooth. According to the tests, the maximum range is 180 feet. You can safely cross a three-room apartment from edge to edge before the music starts to interrupt. This happens when there are four thick concrete walls between the signal source and the AirPods.

All in all, you don’t have to worry, since in normal life the music won’t stop playing or start “stuttering” or interrupting.

What are the operating time and charging speed of AirPods

Apple promises up to 5 hours of music playback with the AirPods and another 24 hours of life in the case. The case charges the earphones fast enough: 99% in 21 minutes. They passively consume charges when they’re in your ears. During this time they are listening to the environment and waiting for your Siri commands, so in an hour of “idle time”, they lose 1-2% of the charge.

You can check the charge level of the earphones in a widget from the notification bar, through the Apple Watch, or through the LED in the case. If the AirPods are in the case, the red-orange LED indicates charging and the green LED indicates the end of charge. If the earphones are not in the case, the LED already signals its charge level:

  • Green – fully charged.
  • Orange – partially discharged.
  • Amber – less than one earphone charge left in the case.

A white blinking LED indicates that the AirPods are ready to be paired. Amber blinking indicates that you need to reconnect them to your smartphone.

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