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How to restore purchases on iPhone

If you reinstall the app, wipe your iPhone or iPad, or move to a new device, any in-app purchases you made on your old device will not show up. However some in-app purchases are “permanent”, and you can restore them if you know where to look.

This applies only to in-app purchases. If you purchased a paid app from the App Store, you can simply go back to the App Store and reinstall the app. If you’re logged in with the same Apple ID you purchased the app with, you can install it again on any device.

At some time you probably felt that you no longer needed the features of the app on your iPhone and uninstalled it. Maybe you just got bored with the game or found another app that you like better. However what if you need the original app again? So, here’s how to restore purchases on iPhone.

How to restore purchased apps on iPhone

If you want to restore purchased apps on your iPhone, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, open the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Then, tap on the profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • After that, choose “Purchased”. If your device uses the “Family Sharing” feature, select “My Purchases” or the name of the corresponding family member to view the corresponding list of apps they purchased.
  • Next, tap on the “Not on this iPhone” tab.
  • Scroll down the list or use the search bar to find the app you want to restore.
  • Tap on the cloud symbol to start reinstalling the app on your iPhone.

Once you have completed these steps, purchased apps will be restored on your iPhone.

How to restore non-expendable purchases on iPhone

If you have non-consumable purchases in the recovery app, you must do so from the app itself, not from the App Store. So, first, install the desired app (if it isn’t already installed). Find the “Restore Purchases” button or something similar in the app. You can find this option on the app’s main menu screen, on the app’s settings screen, or in the app store. Apple instructs developers to include such a button in their apps.

You will then need to authenticate to the App Store by entering your Apple ID password. The app will then check your receipts in the app store to see what you have purchased and restore your purchases on your device.

You will need to use the same Apple ID you used when you made your purchase. You cannot get a new device, set it up with a new Apple ID, and expect to restore your purchases. Use the same Apple ID you used before.

What to do if there is no “Restore Purchases” button

Apple suggests that developers include a button for this purpose, but some apps may not include one. In these cases, you still have options.

Attempting to re-purchase the same in-app purchase from within the app should work. As stated in Apple’s documentation for developers, “If the user tries to buy a product that has already been purchased… The user is no longer paying for the product”. However, be careful when doing this. If you purchased a slightly different in-app purchase, you will be charged again. This isn’t necessarily recommended.

Instead, Apple recommends that you contact the developer of the app if the “Restore Purchases” button is missing or the button doesn’t work. To do this, open the App Store and search for the app where you’re trying to restore your purchases. To find the app, search for it in the App Store or tap “Updates” at the bottom of the App Store, tap “Purchases” and tap the app in the list.

Tap the “Feedback” tab and then tap the “App Support” link. You will be given information on how you can contact the developer.

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