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Is a curved TV worth it: Curved TVs vs Flat TVs

Curved TVs seemed to be the technology of the future in the mid-2010s, but now they are almost extinct. That’s okay, because the manufacturers made a mistake and now this type of TV is not popular among buyers, although they had their advantages.

Still, some consumers love curved TVs (or at least are thinking about buying one). The truth is that such consumers are few and far between, so companies have abandoned the idea.

Still, if you’re thinking about buying a curved TV, there are a few things you should know.

What is curved TV

This is a relatively new technology. The first TV with such a display was presented at CES 2013, and the idea itself is similar to IMAX – the curved display allows you to get a better viewing angle and, accordingly, a better experience of watching a movie.

Back then, this idea seemed like a great idea. The idea is very simple, you don’t get a flat screen, you get a curved screen, which means it’s easier to focus on the picture because it’s a little bit narrower.

It’s really handy for people who are watching TV by themselves. However, if you are buying a TV to watch with family and friends, then those who will be watching TV sitting on their sides will have a worse viewing experience than with a flat TV.

Is curved TV better

Such a TV was good for watching content alone, but in company it had more pros than cons. Even if you watch TV by yourself, but sometimes your friends come over – you are unlikely to choose a curved TV.

This was the main problem that made such TVs unpopular on the market. Yes, they look very aesthetically pleasing, but they didn’t offer anything unusual that would make a consumer choose a curved TV.

Still, they’re not that bad. If you watch TV alone or with 1-2 people in company, they will be better than a flat TV. Since it’s curved, it’s less wide and it’s easier for you to concentrate on the content.

It’s similar to IMAX technology and it really rocks, especially if you choose the TV of right size.

Can you wall mount a curved TV

Yes, you can mount a curved TV. In fact, they are not curved so much that they don’t fit the mounts that are used for flat TVs. But even if your model is too curved and you can’t use a wall mount for flat TVs, there are wall mounts made specially for curved TVs, so there’s no problem.

Why buy curved TV

Based on my experience and the experience of my friends, this TV is worth buying if you watch it alone. In that case, the viewing experience will be better than with a flat screen TV.

However, if you plan to watch TV in a big company of friends or with your relatives, it’s better to choose a flat screen TV, this will be the best solution.

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Vladislav Mashirenko
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