Microsoft announced their new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2 Core

For Xbox owners, there is an official premium version of the controller. The Xbox Elite Controller existed for the Xbox One, but with the release of the Xbox Series S and Series X, the controller received the Xbox Elite Controller 2 upgrade. Its only drawback, however, is the price.

This controller is positioned by the company as a device for pro gamers. It offers features like extra buttons and different fine-tuning of triggers and triggers. In addition, it is made from higher quality materials and has a rich starter kit in the box. The only problem is the price of almost $200.

If you’re not willing to pay nearly half the price of your console for a new controller, the Xbox Elite Controller 2 isn’t really your option. Microsoft, however, is thinking about its users. It is for them that it has released a new model of the Xbox Elite Controller 2 Core.

The new version of the Xbox Elite Controller 2 Core will come at a price of as much as $50 less than the standard version. This means that compared to the standard price of $180, the Core version will cost you $130. Moreover, it is not much different from the standard controller.

It looks and feels the same Xbox Elite Controller 2 as before. The only external difference is that the Core version comes in white. It also has a rubberized grip, adjustable tension thumb sticks, and a shorter hair trigger. The difference is just in the package.

The Core version comes with only the Controller. That means you don’t get the extra paddles and interchangeable sticks. You also don’t get a charging board or a case to transport your Elite Controller. Only the disassembly tool and the USB-C cable for charging the controller will be included.

It has all the same buttons and connectors as the original, so you can buy all the elements you need to customize it and add them later. Besides, if you want to get it with all the extras, you can buy the “Complete Component Pack” offering a cross-shaped D-pad, carrying case, charging dock, various thumb sticks, and back paddles for an additional $60.

That means that if you want to get the white Elite 2 with all the extras then you’ll need to pay $190 on top of the $180. However, if extras aren’t necessary for you, you can buy them for just $130 with no extras. You’ll be able to buy it starting September 21.



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