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Netflix is going to release episodes weekly

Information has surfaced that Netflix is going to change its main rule. The company is thinking to stop releasing the entire season in one day, instead, the company plans to switch to releasing episodes once a week.

In a new profile, Puck says that “Netflix claims there is no hard evidence that releasing a series week after week reduces subscriber churn, but churn rates at Netflix are increasing, and it is now the only streamer that defaults to an ‘all at once’ strategy.” They argue that Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings “didn’t seem to want to move away from binge mode in the past,” but “now seems to want to.

Netflix is already experimenting with some of its shows, such as Season 4 of Stranger Things, the company only put out a portion of the first season immediately and the streaming service published the second part a little later. This comes amidst the news that the platform is losing users.

Of course, on the one hand, watching the whole season in one night can be interesting and that way you can watch all the episodes at once without long waiting and intrigue. On the other hand, the involvement of the audience is greater if the episodes are released once a week.

It is clear that the service is not going to cancel the opportunity to watch the series after its release. However, it is possible that in the near future the company’s policy will change and users will not be able to watch the entire season on the first day of release.



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