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T-Mobile free Wi-Fi will be available on more planes

One of the biggest and most frustrating problems of air travel is the lack of wireless Wi-Fi. In addition to this, the mobile network is also unavailable during the flight. So you find yourself without a network for a long time, especially if the flight lasts several hours. T-Mobile is going to solve this problem.

Usually, you have to pay extra for Wi-Fi when you buy your tickets, and the cost of Wi-Fi can be quite high. However, T-Mobile users provide their users with free Wi-Fi access on some airlines.

Currently, free WiFi is available to T-Mobile customers on such airlines as American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Delta, and the company has announced that United will be added to that list. At this point, however, there are few details.

Wireless Wi-Fi will be available to T-Mobile users as early as this fall. Initially, United Express flights will not be covered by the privilege, but United Airlines says that availability on those flights is “coming soon.” Also, T-Mobile said that the promotion will only be available to “eligible” customers. However, the company has not yet announced a list of customers who will be allowed access to the Wi-Fi. On other airlines, the WiFi is blocked for customers of Magenta and Magenta Max plans.

So far, the companies have not announced the exact dates. Likewise, T-Mobile’s website does not yet mention in-flight Wi-Fi support for United. So for now, flight enthusiasts will just have to wait for more details regarding this promotion.



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