Intel and Broadcom show how fast Wi-Fi 7 will be

Intel and Broadcom introduced to the world the new Wi-Fi 7 technology. They demonstrated it on Intel laptops. In the presentation, the internet speed with Wi-Fi 7 was increased to 5 times the standard of Wi-Fi 6 and 2.5 times the standard of Wi-Fi 6E.

Many users were very pleased with this demonstration as it meant that work on this technology was in its final stages. The presentation showed speeds that were up to 5 Gbps. This will eliminate the need for wired connections.

The fact is that in addition to the very high transfer rate this technology Wi-Fi 7 is also different in that it will allow for better handling of multiple simultaneous connections through the use of a band of 6 GHz with a wider channel width of 320 MHz. This means that it will be easier to handle multiple processes with Wi-Fi, which will speed up the internet and can significantly reduce latency.

Especially this upgrade will help in the area of providing AR and VR services. Since the main problem of wireless virtual reality is precisely the high latency and various interference. With Wi-Fi 7 you can finally ditch your wire and go completely wireless with your virtual reality headset.

As of now, companies have announced that Wi-Fi 7 will not be certified and released for mass use until 2023. However, its release may be delayed. The good news is that Intel is working closely with Broadcom. This means that devices with Wi-Fi 7 and its support will be much more widespread than in the case of Wi-Fi 6E.

In the beginning, smartphones and computers with support for the new standard are likely to appear. After that, more and more routers and other equipment will gradually appear on the market. It has also been announced that Wi-Fi 7 will be backward compatible and the devices with it will support all other generations of wireless networks.



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