How to watch ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6

Your only option to stream it is Netflix. Or you can buy it by episodes or the whole season.

“Wednesday” is in the top 3 most-watched Netflix shows

The series has become one of the most popular shows just two weeks after its debut on Netflix.

Netflix’s Stranger Things VR game will arrive in late 2023

You will be able to play as Vecna to revenge Eleven.

Netflix to charge users for password sharing in 2023

How will Netflix charge its users? What should you expect?

Netflix has revealed its new “Basic with Ads” plan

Netflix officially announced first plan with ads

Netflix has canceled their Grendel adaptation

Another almost-completed series, may never be released. The Grendel series from Netflix is in danger.

HBO and Apple TV+ collected 16 Emmy Awards overall

Oddly enough, Netflix was only 3rd in the number of awards this year.

Netflix is going to release episodes weekly

Netflix is going to give up its main feature. Soon the streaming episodes will be released once a week.

How does Netflix want to change subscription terms and pricing?

Any Netflux subscriber should be aware of possible changes. Will you benefit from this streaming service?

What games can you play for free with a Netflix subscription?

Netflix has not only cool movies and TV series, but also games!

Netflix’s ad-supported subscription may not show commercials while watching new movies

Although Netflix's new subscription plan with ads is still in development, the company says there will be no ads in the original movies as well as in content for children.

Top 10 best movies on Netflix in 2022

Netflix's top 10 movies of 2022 that are definitely worth watching.

Netflix with ads may abandon offline streaming

Subscribing to Netflix with ads won't allow you to watch content offline. However, this could still change.

Why did Netflix lose about a million subscribers?

The news about the loss of users on the streaming service may seem negative. However, is it really so?

How to clear watching history on Netflix

You probably already know that Netflix is a wonderful streaming service for smartphones, PCs, and Smart TVs that allows users to watch a huge...

How to watch Netflix without Smart TV

If you have an older Smart TV or even a non-Smart one, you can't just use the Netflix app. However, there are some ways...

How to adjust video quality on Netflix

With the development of technology, watching movies and favorite shows is now even better - because clear images and rich colors are much more...

How to delete Netflix recently watched shows and movies

Netflix provides its users with a wide range of shows and movies to stream, so the recently watched content may fill up quickly. Because...

What does TV 14 mean on Netflix explained

TV is developing at a very rapid pace and content is becoming newer and newer every day, so it is difficult for parents to...

How many devices can watch Netflix at the same time

Netflix is one of the most recognizable and well-known platforms. Streaming your favorite shows and movies is often associated with this brand. That's why...

How to sign out of Netflix on an Android device

There is no doubt that Netflix accounts can be theft or used by friends. Also, Netflix allows you to add up to five profiles,...

How to watch Netflix on LG Smart TV

What is Netflix Netflix - is a streaming service, that allows subscribers to watch different shows and movies without commercials on a device which...

How to stream Netflix on Discord: here’s what to know

Netflix streaming is supported through a variety of devices, platforms, and apps. Discord users have also come up with a creative way to watch...

How to get rid of the timestamp on Netflix

Watching your favorite movie or series alone or with friends on Netflix can be great entertainment. But there is one thing you don't need...

How to fix Netflix no sound on Chromecast

If there is a problem with your Chromecast that is causing Netflix not to produce sound, then you should first check to see if...

How to change Netflix country on PS4

There was a post on Reddit back in 2015 about how to change the country on Netflix on PS4 in France. In that...

Is there a Conjuring on Netflix: Everything you should know

To be fair, I don't like Conjuring, it's too boring and predictable, IMHO. However, the Conjuring Universe is beloved by a lot of people...

How to fix Netflix keeps crashing on your TV

Sorry, but this is a common problem. I still think that Netflix is one of the best streaming services, but the problem really exists...

Why Netflix is still winning the competition among other streaming services

Netflix was created in 1997 to rent and sell DVDs by mail order. You just choose a disc on the Web site and they...

How to change the profile language on Netflix

You can change your Netflix profile language both in a web browser and a Netflix app.There are some easy steps you should follow.Changes would...

Is sharing your Netflix account illegal? Netflix sharing stop explained

Netflix is testing features to stop sharing outside the households.

Some users have received warnings.

Netflix sharing is legal only inside the household.

How To Get Netflix Refund

Is that Possible To Get Netflix Refund? During the pandemic, Netflix significantly increased its number of clients and received a large influx of new users....