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How to change Netflix country on PS4

There was a post on Reddit back in 2015 about how to change the country on Netflix on PS4 in France. In that post, the author explained that Netflix had sold the rights to show House of Cards in France to CanalPlus, so when Netflix was launched in France, House of Cards wasn’t available to residents from France.

I think that’s a good enough reason to want to change the country to Netflix, especially since you’ve already paid for a subscription and it’s a shame not to get some of the content just because you live in this country and not another.

Can you change Netflix country? Is that legal?

This is a complicated issue, Netflix has a special node on this issue that says you can’t change the country or region unless you have moved or are traveling. Also, the special node state that using a VPN won’t help change your region or country, and if you watch Netflix with an activated VPN, only global content will be available to you.

However, before we consider whether this is true, let’s first understand how legal it is to change your country or region using a VPN.

Although it’s a rather shady scheme, it’s not generally illegal, so you’re not breaking the law (although it’s against Netflix rules) if you use a VPN to change your country or region.

Either way, it won’t have any consequences for you, so if you really want access to a show that’s only available in a particular region, you can change your country or region using a VPN.

Now, let’s talk about VPN. Netflix states it wouldn’t work. However, that isn’t so. Netflix works hard to ban VPNs, as it wants to protect distribution rights agreements it has with different content rights holders. However, if you choose the right VPN – you can change Netflix country.

How to change Netflix country on PS4 using VPN

Here’s what you should do:

  • Delete Netflix app on your PS4
  • Find the VPN service (I reccomend you to use a paid VPN service, because then there is less chance that this VPN IP address is banned by Netflix)
  • Set-up your router with VPN address of a country you want to access Netlix for (you can read about how to set up a router in this article written by PC Mag)
  • Re-install Netflix app (Go to Playstation Store, Go to Apps, Movies and TVs, choose Netflix there)
  • Sign in (or sign up if you don’t have an account)
  • Find a show you wanna watch

Why there’s a difference between Netflix content in different countries and regions

It’s all about content rights. Netflix may only have rights to the content in a specific country or region (and in other countries other channels, streaming services, or providers may have rights to the content), so if you aren’t from those countries, you simply won’t be shown those shows (Netflix uses IP-tracking system to show only content library available in your country). In this case, using a VPN is the only way to access such content.

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