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Samsung announced new DDR5 memory chips

Samsung announced the completion of the development of next-generation DDR5 RAM chips. These are the industry’s first memory chips produced using the 12-nm extreme ultraviolet (EUV) process. The launch of mass production is expected early next year.

The new chips have a capacity of 2 GB per chip and run at 7.2 Gbps. That’s why they are called DDR5-7200. For reference, the fastest DDR5 modules have DDR5-8000 operating mode.

Among other advantages of using the new process, Samsung notes 20% more chips on a single wafer. Secondly, the power consumption is 23% lower than that of current DDR5 chips.

According to AMD’s director of computing and graphics products, the new Samsung chips will be thoroughly tested and optimized for the AMD AM5 platform.



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