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Tesla is working on a redesign of the Model 3

There is information that Tesla is preparing a new design for the Model 3. The new Model 3 will have the name “Highland,” with fewer interior components. It’s also expected to have a slightly modified exterior design, to reduce production costs and increase the appeal of the five-year-old mid-size electric sedan.

Along with these changes, there are reports that some powertrain adjustments may also be made to the new Model 3. Production is planned for the third quarter of 2023 and the Shanghai Gigafactory.

Familiar to us Model 3 has a forgiving interior compared to other cars of its class. So it’s pretty interesting to see the interior of the new Model 3 Highland.

Since only one infotainment screen, no dashboard, and a limited number of buttons on the steering wheel, which does not even have full wiper controls looks unusual.

I also wonder what price the company will form for the new model. For years, Tesla Elon Musk has promised to release a Tesla for $25,000. This new model will not cost that much. Because the price of the Model 3 starts at $46,990.



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