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The new PS5 color was revealed

Sony has announced another color scheme for its gadgets coming soon. The new color scheme, gray camouflage, will be available for the PS5 as well as for the Dualsense and wireless headphones Pulse. The information about it appeared on Sony’s official blog. The release of these decorations is expected in the fall of this year.

According to the announcement, which was published on Tuesday, the new color scheme will be in addition to the existing ones – black, red, pink, blue, and purple. These color plates and coloring books for Dualsense are available now for purchase on your gadgets. The surprise is a new design for the Pulse 3D wireless headset. Only one alternative design has been released so far, black, last October.

Sony has not yet announced the price of the new coloring, but it probably won’t cost more than the other interchangeable corsets for the PS5. At the moment, they cost $55, and the alternative Dualsense costs $75. That’s $5 more expensive than the standard white or black color controllers. Regarding the Pulse 3D, both color versions are $100. However, the new headset may cost more.

Pre-orders for the camouflage devices for the PS5 will be available starting September 15. Later on October 14, the controllers and replacement panels will go on sale at the official website direct.playstation.com. In retail stores, they will be available for free purchase from October 28. The Pulse 3D headset in camouflage will be available in December.



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