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The new Windows 11 update makes the system much better

Windows 11 is still a controversial operating system. Many users do not want to migrate to it from their old Windows 11. Mainly because Windows 11 is quite demanding on the hardware of your computer.

However, on the other hand, many say that Windows 11 lacks some standard features and that the redesigned user menu is not to everyone’s liking. The latest Windows 11 update should fix some of these problems.

What new features come with Windows 11 2022 update

One of the main complaints of users about the design of Windows 11 was the redesigned Start menu. With the new update, Microsoft tried to change this and make it more user-friendly. So now you can customize the recommendation menu, which is very annoying for many users. In addition, you can now place even more items in the start menu, and the ability to pin folders is back. Of course, it still looks different from Windows 10, but now it has many of the same old features. Apart from this, the 2H22 update has other new features:

  • A new task manager.
  • Even better layouts and binding groups.
  • They redesigned the Bluetooth connection menu.
  • Live captions.
  • New apps.

We also know that improved File Explorer is coming in October. The update will not affect Windows 10 as well as many other features such as the ability to use android apps or the Windows Subsystem for Linux. So now is the right time to switch to the new system.

What problems could you expect after the update?

However, in addition to a bunch of improvements, the 2022 update also brought some problems. This time, the issues affected gamers who use Nvidia GPUs. The fact is that after the last update, users noted issues with the GeForce Experience and its in-game overlay.

After launching the overlay, players have FPS drops to 80%. This is quite critical, especially for competitive games. This problem is solved by disabling the overlay and restarting the game. However, this is still a very critical bug.

Nvidia is already aware of the problem, and it’s probably a few days before Microsoft releases another patch to fix it. However, the problem is present, and you should take that into account before installing the Windows 11 update.

Should you upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 right now?

After returning some old features and announcing new ones, many users are wondering if they should finally upgrade to Windows 11. I would say that if your system allows it, the time has come.

In fact, in 2025, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10, and new features are already bypassing it. So upgrading to Windows 11 is inevitable. Hardware manufacturers have started releasing their new motherboards with TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot support, a major stumbling block for most people.

So I would check if my PC is suitable for the upgrade and if the specs allow it. Otherwise, no one is stopping you from continuing to use Windows 10. After all, many users still have Windows 7 on their computers.



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