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Windows 11 latest update cause some troubles for Nvidia users

Updating your Windows is a common thing. Sometimes you can get multiple updates for your Windows in one day. That week a new update was released for Windows 11 – 2022 (also known as 22H2). However, you shouldn’t rush to update your PC if you have Nvidia graphics cards. Some users are noticing severe performance issues with Nvidia on this update.

This applies primarily to gamers. The thing is that the software from Nvidia allows you to connect as you play overlay, which will show you the FPS and other statistics of your PC. If you have GeForce Experience installed and press Alt + R, this overlay will be opened on top of the game. In this case, in the latest Windows update, many users have noted the appearance of problems. For example, the game God of War noticed a drop in FPS by up to 80 percent.

If you have already encountered such a problem, users have noted that a simple overlay closure can help. Usually, after a few seconds, FPU returns to normal. However, in some cases, you may also need to restart your game. So far, we can say that the latest Windows update causes the problem. If you completely disable the overlay, you probably won’t reencounter it.

Nvidia is already aware of the problem, as they have employees who monitor Reddit discussions to handle user feedback. So it won’t be long before this problem is solved. Nevertheless, it would help if you refrained from this update for now. Wait for the next version, which will fix these bugs.



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