The US government starts fighting against smugglers aiding migrants surge to US-Mexico border


The U.S. and Europe share a common problem with migrants who are constantly arriving at the borders. In many cases, these are people who are really looking for protection and a better life. But also, very often smugglers are behind it, taking advantage of people and promising them not what people get as a result.

The U.S. will begin cracking down on such smugglers in the next 90 days.

Now the US officials are beginning to fight such smugglers to stop their destructive actions.

The US official said that in the next three months, the US government will take action to combat organizations that smuggle and misinform people about United States immigration policy and aim to make a profit.

Also Wednesday, Biden instructed Vice President Kamal Harris to make efforts for U.S. cooperation with Mexico and other Central American countries, including Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, to help stem the flow of migration into the United States.


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