How to turn on Wi-Fi on LG TV


When you buy a new smart TV, the first thing you usually do after you buy it is connect it to the Wi-Fi. For most of us, this is a routine task and doesn’t require any elaboration or research on the subject. However, sometimes there are people who need to do this for the first time because they have never used the equipment before. If you are a first-time buyer of an LG Smart TV, we can help you save time when you connect the Wi-Fi to it.

How to connect LG TV to Wi-Fi

The principle when connecting Wi-Fi to LG TV is as simple as to any other modern TV or any other device that has an Internet access function. Even an uninformed person can figure it out after spending some time. However, if you are here, then like any other reasonable modern person with access to the web you have decided not to waste your time.

First, you need to make sure that your router is working smoothly. Check that the internet connection to your router is stable and that there are no problems with the router’s functionality at all.

Next, you will need to access the home menu on your smart TV. To do this, use the same name button on your TV remote control.

Once you are in the menu, select settings and access the network. There you will see the Wi-Fi connection. Once there, your TV will try to connect to any available network.

If your TV fails to connect or if the router you connected does not belong to you, select your router from the list of available connections. If it is not there, try moving the router closer to the TV or check if everything is OK. The network connection may have been disrupted or the antennae may be damaged.

If all is well and the router is listed, simply select it and enter the router password. Usually, the router’s password is on the back of the router. If you have already changed it, you can find out how to reset it here.

If you have done everything correctly, you should already have an internet connection on your smart TV.

How to fix LG TV Wi-Fi connection issues

We would also like to share a few tips in case of problems when connecting the Wi-Fi. Such cases are unfortunately not uncommon.

The easiest thing to do if the Wi-Fi cannot be connected or there is no internet connection is to switch it off and on again.

If the first tip does not help, try removing any devices from the room that may interfere with the router’s operation. These include microwave ovens, other routers and baby monitors.

The quick-start function can also be the reason for not being able to connect. Disabling it may solve the problem.

There are times when, even after taking into account all the previous reasons, you still cannot connect to a router. In that case we suggest you test your TV with other routers or use your phone as a hotspot in case they are not available, if you have mobile internet on it of course.

If all the advice has failed and you need a more serious solution to the problem, you are advised to read the article on the subject.


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