Twitter is testing podcasts to replace Spaces

Twitter still wants to become an audio app. The platform announced today that it is testing a revamped “Spaces” tab that will also offer a selection of popular podcasts. Among the podcasts will be well-known titles from Vox Media, NPR and others. They will be organized into categories, such as news, music, and sports, and presented alongside similar Spaces podcasts.

Twitter is currently testing the feature on a limited group of English-speaking users in the iOS and Android apps, and there are plans for a wider release and expansion of features in the future.

Earlier this year, secret sleuth Jane Manchun Wong discovered that Twitter was working on a “Podcasts” tab. Instead, it looks like Twitter wants to consolidate all audio content into Spaces as a single destination for podcasts and live audio.

What’s more, the Spaces tab contains separate categories for current Spaces, upcoming Spaces, and a “Stations” tab that will group podcasts and Spaces by similar topics – which will automatically play once selected.

If that doesn’t seem like the most instinctive or convenient design for those looking for a specific podcast or episode, you’re right. Instead, Twitter seems to have designed the feature as a sort of curated Pandora-style radio. Users can rate each audio selection by giving it a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” This allows Twitter to further personalize the station to your specific interests.

It’s not limited to the content you view on Spaces. As the company noted in its blog, if you regularly interact with Vox Media content on Twitter, you’re likely to see their podcasts appear in your Spaces tab.



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