The First Astronaut to Tweet

Those ones were first to tweet from space.

Hackers leaked the email addresses of over 200 million Twitter users

You can check to see if your email is on this list.

Twitter bans links to other social platforms

What other social networks are we talking about?

Apple threatens Elon Musk to remove the Twitter app

What can Twitter do to get them removed from the App Store?

UK relaxes rules for Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter

I wonder how it will work. We should now expect more details from the government.

Chinese police search phones for Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram

What caused the Chinese police to search people?

Twitter Hashflag explained

Many people don't understand what a hashflag is on Twitter. Let me explain it to you.

Twitter is hiring new employees after layoffs

Can this be considered the end of the firing phase?

U.S. government checks Elon Musk’s Twitter

Why did the U.S. government start to get suspicious?

How to clear Twitter cache

If you need to clear the cache on Twitter, it's not hard to do. However, do you need to do it?

Elon Musk fires Twitter employees who publicly criticize or argue with him

Twitter's ongoing collapse may have accelerated a bit, thanks to its new owner, Elon Musk, who is firing engineers who could have helped fix Twitter's dysfunctional infrastructure.

How much to verify a Twitter account now?

What else should we expect to see on Twitter?

Twitter will create a content moderation council

What should we expect and how will it work?

Elon Musk is going to unban all users on Twitter with a lifetime ban

According to Musk, he wants freedom of speech back on Twitter.

Twitter wants to implement a way to block mentions for users

In the long run, you will be able to control the mentions function.

Now you can edit tweets on Twitter

The developers have finally added the ability to edit your Twitter tweets.

Twitter adds full-screen “immersive” video

For now, the new videos are only available for the iOS app, but will soon appear on Android as well.

Twitter claims it accidentally spread ads on profiles containing CSAM

The company is already investigating the incident and trying to deal with the consequences.

Twitter starts sharing podcasts with Blue subscribers

Twitter has updated the Spaces tab. You can now test it.

Senators demand Twitter CEO respond to whistleblower claims

It looks like Twitter isn't going to get out of the internal security breach story anytime soon.

Twitter is testing podcasts to replace Spaces

It looks like there will soon be podcasts on Twitter called Spaces.

Twitter’s disinformation and spam departments merge after whistleblower claims

Twitter is merging its two departments to improve the site's security and solve the bot problem.

Twitter is testing a unique tag to identify accounts verified by phone number

Twitter wants to make it so that users can see that the post was written by a real person.

Vulnerability in Twitter exposed data of anonymous account holders

Twitter recently confirmed that a vulnerability in its code allowed attackers to steal user data in late 2021. What was the result?

How to flag a tweet for sensitive content

In today's world, everyone has a social networking account. Regardless of their occupation, everyone communicates, reads posts and tweets, relaxes, and learns new things....

How to embed Twitter video without retweeting it

The modern world without social networks is quite difficult to imagine. At least in one but each of us is registered. It's a place...

How to delete all Twitter likes

Social media has taken over the information world today. In social networks, people learn everything: news, the latest trends, buy goods in social networks,...

How to make pictures fit on Twitter

Just like other social media platforms, Twitter sets certain limits and recommended sizes for images. If you want to make sure that your photo...

Twitter Spaces are now available to everyone without a certain number of followers

Less than a year ago, in the wake of Clubhouse's success, Twitter began testing audio rooms. Now Spaces is available to everyone, with no...

How to delete a tweet on Twitter using a website or app

Twitter has one feature that I don't understand. You know, in case you've wrote something wrong in your tweet or just made a typo,...

How to edit who can reply to your tweets on Twitter

Twitter was bad in one dimension - you couldn't edit tweets, including you couldn't choose who could respond to your tweets. For example, if...