How to delete all Twitter likes

Social media has taken over the information world today. In social networks, people learn everything: news, the latest trends, buy goods in social networks, communicate with other people, and make new acquaintances. With the way Social Networks have invaded our lives, it has become easier and easier to express your opinion and find like-minded people. Or to get into arguments with other people and try to figure out who is more right. Twitter is the perfect place to do that.

Twitter is one of the world’s leading social networks for debate and discussion. At least half a billion tweets are posted here every day. Everyone on Twitter posts their opinions on certain things or posts that they like or links to news that bothers them, for example. Or you can like and follow other people to track their preferences.

At times, people may change their opinions. After a few years, you may change your mind about a lot of things. If this is the case, it can sometimes be helpful to remove the likes on old posts that you no longer agree with.

Removing the likes is fairly quick and easy. But what if you decide to remove all of your likes from all of your Twitter posts? There are several ways to remove all your likes.

How do you remove the likes one by one

The old-fashioned way to remove the likes is to remove them one by one manually. You can do this by using the Twitter app, the web version for your Laptop or PC, or your tablet.

Although the process sounds pretty simple, it’s pretty monotonous and time-consuming. The advantage of this method is that if you decide to leave likes somewhere in the deletion process, you will have the option of just not deleting them. To do this you need to :

  • Log in to Twitter
  • Open the Likes section
  • Browse the tweets
  • Click “Undo Like” next to all the posts where you decided to remove the likes

The only disadvantage of this method is that this page can only display the last 3200 likes. Everything that was done before will not be displayed and removing the likes there will be impossible.

How to remove the likes with your browser

If you need to remove a huge number of likes you can do it quickly using your web browser’s Twitter console. For this, you will need a basic knowledge of how the console works. This method works only for the Google Chrome browser. To do this, you need to :

  • First, start Chrome
  • Then log in to your Twitter account
  • Go to the Likes section
  • Once you’re in that section, press F12. This command will open Chrome’s debug console
  • Then click on “Console” to open the tab
  • Copy the script “ $(‘.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo.ProfileTweet-action-unfavorite’).click(); ” without quotes into the “Console” field
  • Click Enter
  • You can check your result

You can repeat this procedure as many times as you like. This method is much faster and more efficient than the previous one.

How to remove the likes with Twitter Archive Eraser

This method involves using a third party application to manage and delete your tweets, likes or favorites. Twitter Archive Eraser is one of the free options. It’s pretty easy to manage and use. It works very simply, you just need :

  • Install and run the app
  • You will see two checkboxes, check only the first one
  • Click on “Sign In
  • Enter your username and then your password
  • Select “Authorize app
  • You will receive a PIN code. You need to paste it into the app
  • Then the app will show you a screen to choose from. You have to choose “Delete Favorites
  • The app will show you the number of likes and the limit on the number of requests at the top of the page
  • To collect all the likes press “Start“, when the process is complete, press “Next
  • The app will show you the collected likes
  • Then click “Erase Selected Tweets
  • Click “OK” to confirm
  • The app will display a “Successful” notification when the process is complete

This method allows you to delete a large number of likes quickly and in a couple of clicks. The app has limitations. The app has four price levels, from “free” to “premium”. Each level provides new access and functionality. For example, the FREE version only allows you to delete up to 1,000 likes that are less than two years old. The basic package allows you to delete 3,000 likes up to four years old. The advanced version allows you to delete 10,000 likes within the last four years. Finally, the Premium version allows you to delete an unlimited number of likes, regardless of their age.


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