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UK relaxes rules for Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter

Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter will no longer be required to remove “legitimate but harmful” content under new U.K. proposals to keep the Internet safe.

The government said this would give people more freedom online. It will also give people more control over what they see online.

Under previous proposals, technology giants were supposed to prevent people from viewing legal but harmful content. Such as self-harm, suicide, and abusive messages online.

Crucially, however, companies would still have to protect children and remove illegal or prohibited content by their terms of service.

At the same time, the Labor Party disagrees with this. They also said it could lead to misinformation and conspiracy theories.

However, according to commentators, further refinement of the bill is required to ensure the gaps will be filled before then.

So in order to assess how this will affect and how it will work and be monitored, it is worth waiting a bit, namely for other government decisions.



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