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Chinese police search phones for Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram

The Chinese government imposes strict restrictions on Covids. Because of this, people are using Instagram, Twitter, or Telegram to organize a protest against the restrictions. Police are stopping people at transportation hubs in Shanghai, William Young.

People use VPNs to access these social networks, communicate, and organize protests against China’s “zero-tolerance” policy.

Protests erupted across China, and Hong Kong after a house fire in China’s Xinjiang province killed 10 people on Friday.

People believe Chinese restrictions prevented them from responding in time to evacuate.

Locals say authorities control when they are allowed to leave their homes.

It is also reported that in China’s capital, authorities record the personal information of everyone they catch with foreign apps. The police then warn these people. They say they can stop anywhere for inspection. Chinese police also threaten to arrest people for not deleting photos of protests



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