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Apple threatens Elon Musk to remove the Twitter app

Elon Musk once again drew attention with his tweet about Apple threatening to remove the Twitter app from the App Store as part of the app review moderation process.

If the Twitter app is removed, the social network will lose one of its leading distribution platforms, although the service is also available on the Internet. However, the browser is unlikely to have such a large percentage of users.

Musk posted more about Apple’s fees. He called Apple’s App Store fees a “secret 30 percent tax” and launched a poll about whether “Apple should publish all the censorship actions it has taken that affect its customers.”

Apple requires iPhone app makers to pay 15 to 30 percent of digital goods sold through their apps. Not long ago, Musk announced Twitter’s plans for Blue, through which the company could make good money. If it succeeded, Apple would make hundreds of millions of dollars.

What rules could Twitter break?

  • Apple requires Twitter to have a robust content moderation system.
  • Apple also requires apps to pay a 30% to 15% commission on digital purchases.

Musk has had the indiscretion of ranting about Apple for quite some time. So we’ll see how far this goes. Considering that a few years ago, Musk told Apple that their company only hires laid-off Tesla employees and that he calls Apple the Tesla graveyard.



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