Today’s TVs have many adjustment functions, so you can set up your TV the way you want it. However, only a few people want to go through the many settings to improve the best picture quality on their TV. For most users, however, all-in-one adjustments are sufficient to easily tweak the image quality and make it better. One such feature is Clear Motion Rate, which can help improve picture quality on Samsung TVs.

How does Clear Motion Rate works

This mode works quite simply. In some TVs it duplicates frames to reduce blur, but in more models where it is available, it does nothing more than simply turn off the backlight to allow pixels to realign.

As you know, the backlighting in LED TVs illuminates the pixels, which then create the picture on the screen. However, if the image on the screen changes too quickly, often the pixels won’t have time to change color and the image will be blurry.

Clear Motion Rate eliminates this problem, so if you want a clearer picture, you can activate it.

How to set up Clear Motion Rate on Samsung TVs

There are several Clear Motion Rate modes, so you can choose the one you like.

Samsung TV has the following Clear Motion Rate settings:

  1. Off
  2. Clear – This mode sharpen the picture but does not reduce jitter.
  3. Standard – This mode increases both sharpness and reduces jitter.
  4. Smooth – This mode increases shake and decreases sharpness.
  5. Custom – This mode allows you to set custom blur and shake settings
  6. Demo – This mode allows you to divide the screen into two parts, so that one part has Clear Motion content and the other part has standard image.


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