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What is Double VPN and what you need to know

In today’s world, there is often a question about the problem of personal data protection. Almost everyone uses the network every day for their own needs and everyone has their own personal purpose. To protect personal information, many users resort to the help of special equipment.

The most popular way is double data encryption with Double VPN. At the moment it’s not new in the field of technology, so to understand how the double VPN works and understand if it’s safe is quite easy.

How does Double VPN works and what does it do

Double VPN works by creating a chain of two consecutive servers connected by a VPN connection. When the user surfs on the Internet, the chain works in such a way that the user connects to the first server. Then the first server forwards the traffic to the second server.

It’s then used to go online. The job of the VPN is to add a secure encrypted tunnel between your device and the destination server. That is, double VPN works in such a way that two or more encrypted tunnels are placed closely between the device and the target server.

Going deeper, your device encrypts the data and sends it to the first VPN server in the chain. This first server changes the IP address to its own and decrypts the data. This isn’t the end of the whole process.

The information isn’t forwarded immediately to the network, the server encrypts it again and only then sends it to the next VPN server. The second server aims to repeat the procedure of decrypting and replacing the IP address.

Only then the data stream can go to the site that the user is browsing. Any server that was involved in the chain is located in different countries, so in different geographical locations. This makes it possible to increase the anonymity of the user.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Double VPN

An active user of Double VPN will be able to notice both the pros and cons of this option. Although the advantages aren’t a few, there are still disadvantages. The most important advantages of Double VPN include:

  • High security of personal information due to the fact that there is a double encryption of data.
  • Maximum protection from hacker attacks.
  • The ability to hide your location.
  • The use of servers that are located in absolutely different parts of the world.
  • Hiding the history of visits due to double IP spoofing.

Also, despite all these advantages, there are a number of disadvantages due to which users may refuse to work with Double VPN. The most negative aspects of Double VPN:

  • The most important disadvantage is the decrease in connection speed. Because of double encryption and geographical removal of servers.
  • Few VPN providers provide such service as Double VPN.
  • High cost of tariffs.

Why you might need a Double VPN

Without the multiple encryption feature, it would be impossible to cope when you need maximum protection from your online activities. Many walks of life require privacy and Double VPN is indispensable for them. More often than not, people who need to take other measures to protect themselves are in need of a Double VPN.

In case they’re speaking out on political topics and protecting their freedom. When working with informants, unprotected sources, informants. This also applies to people living in countries with strict control, censorship, and surveillance. In fact, there may be many situations where you need to be sure that a confidential discussion takes place in a private setting.

How to connect to Double VPN

The easiest way for the average user to use double encryption technology is to buy the appropriate tariff from a VPN provider. Today, there are many of them and in order to use Double VPN, you need to download an app to your device or a browser extension and pay for a month or a year subscription to use Double VPN.

In fact, there are a lot of such services on the Internet and for a subscription, there will be no problems with the connection. Services that provide users with Double VPN with simple use :

So with Double VPN, you can protect yourself as much as possible on the Internet, because Double VPN routes your traffic through two servers, adding an extra level of encryption. No one can see your actions, neither your ISP nor third parties. Including the inability to intercept your data. All that is possible to know is that you’re using a VPN.


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