What is LG Magic Explorer


Early 2021, LG introduced a new version of its operating system, WebOS 6.0. Yes, LG, as well as Samsung, isn’t using Android TV, but develops its own OS.

This approach has both advantages and disadvantages. However, one of the main advantages of LG having its own operating system is definitely that the company can introduce new features without looking back at Google or other developers.

The WebOS 6.0 update brought several new and interesting features, we’ve already written about them all, but in this article, I want to focus on one interesting feature – LG Magic Explorer.

New WebOS 6.0 home screen

LG Magic Explorer is the feature you would definitely use sometimes. I can’t say it would become one of my top-features, but I would use it time-to time.

In short words, that’s something like Amazon Prime X-Ray, a feature that’s displaying information about movie/series on the screen, like cast, genre and other info about what’s on the screen.

On the one hand, such feature can be easily replaced by Wikipedia or IMDB, but LG is making this process easier. So I think it would work.


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