In most cases, TVs are used for home watching, but there are scenarios where the TV needs to be used to show content. For example, to show presentations or as a showcase in a store. For such purposes, Samsung has added several options to Shop mode, one of which is Peak Mode.

This mode makes the brightness, contrast and color settings reach their maximum value, so that the content on the TV will look as bright and colorful as possible.

What is Samsung TV Shop Mode?

Shop mode is a section of settings that sets the picture quality as high as possible. It is called this because it is mostly used on TVs that are store demo items. This mode allows you to show all the advantages of the display and thus encourage people to buy a TV.

However, this is not the only option how you can use this mode. Also, it is often used to demonstrate various content at meetings, so there are many more uses for this mode than you might think at first glance.

Samsung Peak Mode explained

Peak Mode means that all image settings are set to maximum parameters. Brightness, contrast, and other characteristics are set to maximum. As I said before, this mode is very good in stores, as it allows you to see all the advantages of the TV. However, you can also use it to get a better picture. In standard mode, Peak mode isn’t active, but you can activate it using the Samsung TV service menu

However, I do not recommend to use this mode, it is too specific and watching TV at maximum brightness and contrast quickly tires the eyes.


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