Personally, I clear the history in all appls that are in any way related to what I’m watching: browser, YouTube and, of course, Apple TV. I can’t say that I have anything to hide, rather it’s just a habit that protects my privacy. So if you have the same feelings and needs as I do, this guide will help you understand how to clear history on your Apple TV.

Of course, your reason for deleting the story may be different, but it doesn’t matter.

How to delete history on Apple TV

It’s actually very simple, but keep in mind that if you use the same Apple ID on your devices, then deleting the history from the Apple TV will also delete it for the Apple TV+ history on all devices under the same Apple ID.

To clear history on your Apple TV you need to do the following:

  • Open Apple TV+
  • Go to Watch Now tab
  • Click on your Apple ID profile on the top right corner
  • Choose Clear Play History

That’s actually all you need to do to delete Apple TV history, it would be deleted for all your Apple ID devices.

How to delete Apple TV history using your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device

Actually, you don’t need to use Apple TV to clear your history, as you can use any other device with the same Apple ID to do so. This can be even more convenient since you don’t need to use Apple TV and you can delete the history in a few taps.

In fact, the algorithm looks pretty much the same, so it’s still very simple:

  • Take your Apple device
  • Open Apple TV+ app
  • Open Watch Now tab
  • Tap on your Apple ID profile icon on the top right corner
  • Tap on Clear Play history

How to make Apple TV history to delete automatically

In case you want your Apple TV history permanently deleted, you can do that too. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Open TV tab
  • Open Preferences tab
  • Choose the Files tab
  • Check the box for Automatically delete watched movies and TV shows
  • Save the settings

Now your viewing history will not be saved, and shows will be deleted immediately after viewing.


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