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What is the best browser to use on Mac?

The browser must be reliable and secure, because using it, everyone performs many tasks every day. More often than not, people who have a Mac use Safari. However, at the same time, it’s worth understanding which browser is better. It’s worth continuing to use Safari or installing another using the App Store.

Does it worth using Safari?

Most people use Safari on Mac by default. There are many reasons for this, the main one is that Safari is the best option to work on macOS. Since Apple has made a quality product that is easy to use.

A year ago, Jetstream rated Safari’s speed at 136, which is higher than other popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. In addition to this, the advantage of Safari is the easy integration. That is, performing any work on the Mac, you can transfer a session with a web browser on another device, such as an iPad or MacBook.

Also, iCloud allows you to use the Safari password management service, which is quite easy to use on any site and the process of logging into your account. Overall, Safari is a pretty reliable browser because it includes Apple’s locking system. It also features cross-site tracking and built-in ad targeting prevention to ensure privacy. Based on these factors, Safari is a really handy, reliable browser to use on the Mac.

Does it worth using Google Chrome?

Google Chrome was rated 130 points by Jetstream. This is quite a high score because Google Chrome is a really good browser. Its main advantage is multitasking. This browser is quite intuitive and convenient for those people who need functionality. Because here you can organize your workspace.

Because on the main page you can choose any product from Google and quickly go to its website without any additional authorization. The second most important advantage of this browser is the wide range of extensions. Google Chrome has a large collection of extensions, with a total of about 190,000.

However, along with this, there are also its disadvantages. Since extensions are one of the main reasons why the Chrome browser is high-cost. Extensions can also threaten your privacy, as many of them require access to your activity history.

Does it worth using Firefox?

Many users don’t think using Firefox on a Mac is the best solution. Because previously the browser window was constantly minimized on the Mac. However, sometime later, after numerous updates, the work improved. In general, Firefox is an open-source browser, which gives it a wide range of add-ons that users can play with and customize to their liking.

The advantages of Firefox are the personalization options. If you want to make the browser the center of the workplace, you can download all the add-ons you need. To support work apps, content validation, analysis, and more.

The main disadvantages of this browser are the low speed of information processing. In Jetstream tests, this browser scored 74 points. Also, the interface isn’t intuitive, which can create some difficulties in starting to use this browser.

Does it worth using Opera?

Opera isn’t a bad browser, but not for use on the Mac. However, at the same time it has a lot of features that facilitate the work and for someone may be a necessity. Opera is more focused on privacy and functionality.

This functionality isn’t necessary for everyone, but those who need it rate this VPN very highly. Other built-in browser features are just as great – a built-in ad blocker, and a built-in client for several social networks.

Opera supports its extensions, there are quite a few in its catalog and Chrome extensions. Many people use Opera on Windows, but Safari is still better on Mac.



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