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Who makes Insignia TVs: Everything you should know

First of all, we should start with the understanding that Insignia isn’t a common TV-maker, that’s just a brand owned by retail giant Best Buy and its TV’s primary goal is to be sold in Best Buy chain store. The TVs are quite good (in terms of price/quality ratio), so it’s maybe a good choice, especially if you have a tight budget.

Insignia TVs come in a wide range of models in a variety of sizes and specs. There are small screens (even 15 inches), big TVs, and even 4K HDR models. Another thing to know – there are models with Amazon Fire TV OS (Insignia Fire TV edition). However, before you decide whether it’s worth buying, you may be wondering what company makes Insignia TVs.

Are Insignia TVs a good choice?

Best Buy offers Insignia TVs as a mid-range solution for those who still want to get almost all features offered by top-tier brands but wants to save some money as well. If you look at Insignia TVs from this perspective, they’re at least worthy of your consideration.

Don’t expect too much though, you obviously can’t expect all the features that are offered by brands like Samsung, LG, or Sony.

But if you’ll be okay without a staggering picture quality and excellent contrast, then Insignia TVs are well worth the price.

Who owns Insignia brand?

The Insignia trademark is owned by Best Buy Co., Inc. and is available in Best Buy stores, as well as for online purchases via www.bestbuy.comwww.bestbuy.ca, and www.bestbuy.mx.

Insignia offers not only TVs but Home Theaters, refrigerators, coolers, Home Audio devices, gaming devices, cameras, computers and tablets accessories, cell phone accessories, home accessories, and smart home devices.

Who actually makes Insignia TVs?

Best Buy is a multinational electronics retailer that operates in the US, Canada, and Mexico and therefore it doesn’t make any TVs or other appliances, accessories, and devices. Instead, the company places orders for the devices, appliances, and accessories at various factories, mostly Chinese.

Sometimes on the Web, you can face the info that Insignia products are made by companies like Samsung, LG or Toshiba. However, that isn’t so. These companies may supply only parts of the products, mostly screens. Also, Toshiba has sold its electronics department to Hisense in 2017, so this company doesn’t supply any parts now, as this department is now a part of Hisense.

The major company that makes Insignia TVs is the Chinese corporation Hisense, but some low-end TVs may be made by other Chinese companies. But if we talk about the Insignia Fire TV edition – then all such TVs are made by Hisense.

Is there a warranty for Insignia TVs?

Yes, all Insignia televisions have a warranty. In case you bought a low-end TV and something went wrong, you’ll probably just get the TV replaced since it’s cheaper than repairing it.

However, if you bought an Insignia TV Fire Edition, if the breakage is minor, it will likely be repaired rather than replaced with a new one.

This story wawritten by Vladislav Sheridan and reviewed by Jane Weisenthal, a Senior Tech Editor at Splaitor, according to Splaitor’s Quality and Fact-Checking Policy.

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