Apple is going to hike App Store prices in Europe and some other countries on October 5th

Apple has announced that the company would raise prices for app and in-app purchases, not including auto-renewable subscriptions on users’ accounts.

The changes would become effective on October 5th across Eurozone, as well in Egypt, Chile, Vietnam, Poland, Sweden, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Pakistan. The company says that pricing changes in Vietnam are caused by national laws that require companies to collect VAT and pay corporate income tax.

If you want to know more about price changes – you can check out this document. As you may see, the price change depends on the “Tier” (the price before the change), so in %, the price change will vary depending on the initial cost.

Apple hasn’t explained the price increase for any other country besides Vietnam. But I think that’s obvious that for Eurozone, as well as for almost all other countries, that price hike is caused by a strong dollar compared to the national currencies. So from the Cupertino company side, that’s just a way to save the same level of profitability in US dollars.

Vladislav Mashirenko
Vladislav Mashirenko
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