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Apple is preparing an updated monitor lineup

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed that Apple is working on an updated monitor range for the Mac and iPad. Each of the monitors will be powered by Apple Silicon processors.

Apple currently offers two monitors for purchase: the Pro Display XDR and the Studio Display. The company released the first one in 2019, starting at $5,000, not including the price of the stand. The second was released earlier this year. It costs more than $1,600.

Gurman said that the company is now working on new monitors. One of them will be a replacement for the Pro Display XDR. The monitor will be released along with the new Apple Silicon-based Mac Pro. The company is also developing a monitor with a 7K resolution, which is larger than the current flagship.

At the same time, it turned out that the new monitors will be based on Apple processors because some of the device’s functions will need their computing power. The company has already used this approach in the Studio Display, which is equipped with a chip A13 Bionic and 64GB of the memory module.

After the release of the monitor on the market, experts argued that the monitor doesn’t need so much memory to work, and the company uses modules that were left over from past iPhone models with a small amount of memory.



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