Apple is responding to numerous user requests and changing the battery percentage icon in iOS 16

iOS 16 has brought a bunch of new features, including the new battery percentage icon. Users have already had time to express their opinions about the icon in the status bar.

Many users, including me, think Apple could have made it better. In the current version, the icon remains static. It only displays a percentage until the iPhone battery drops below 20%. This design decision makes the indicator less valuable than it should be. For example, I had to constantly look closely after enabling this feature to see how much battery power I had left.

Fortunately, Apple has released the second beta version of iOS 16.1, which shows work on mistakes. Among other things, the update makes changes to the battery indicator. Now, instead of the icon turning red when the iPhone battery drops below 20%, it will gradually drain. It’s a small change, but it improves usability.

The second beta also includes a change to the lock screen. When you plug your iPhone into a charger, a battery indicator briefly appears above the time, bringing that feature back from iOS 15. On the iPhone 14 Pro, it will also appear in Dynamic Island. Unfortunately, the next version of iOS 16 has no release date yet.



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