Apple releases iOS 16.2 with changes to an always-on display and a new security option

At the end of the year, Apple has traditionally released significant software updates for its devices. The main one was, without a doubt, iOS 16.2.

The new version adds the Advanced Data Protection option, which provides end-to-end encryption of more of your data in iCloud. This includes device backups, message content, notes, and photos. Apple is also restricting AirDrop sharing. You’ll have 10 minutes to share files with “everyone” before the feature reverts to “contacts only” mode.

The change also mainly affects the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max owners. You can now hide the wallpaper and notifications when the always-on display on the 14 Pro is active. This makes its behavior similar to some Androids, but it can also reduce distractions and increase privacy.

Other improvements primarily focus on new apps and anticipated changes. The long-promised Freeform digital whiteboard app is finally here, offering a visual collaboration tool. Apple Music has a karaoke mode, and the Weather app now includes a news section. In addition, Apple has equipped the Home app with a new architecture that promises to be faster and more robust.



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