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Can you work from home for a Facebook

Facebook used to have rather strict rules for working from home or abroad, because only certain people could specifically request permission to work from home. And even these improvements were triggered in the first place by the COVID-19 pandemic, when the company had to allow certain positions to work from home.

Now Facebook is simplifying the rules to allow more employees to work from home at all times and will even allow employees to request permission to work across international borders.

For example, employees from the U.S. will be able to request to work in Canada, and employees from European countries will be able to request to work in the United Kingdom.

Even more, starting in January 2022, the company plans to allow employees from seven Western European countries to move between these countries.

All of this significantly changes the company’s policy, because now more employees would be able to temporary work from home and even from different countries.

Can you work from home on a Facebook

Yes, company employees whose jobs don’t involve hardware and installations in Facebook’s data centers will now be able to request remote work.

Facebook will also allow employees to work from abroad. After June 15, the company will allow employees from the U.S. to move to Canada and employees in Europe to move to the U.K. In January 2022, the company will allow employees to move permanently between seven countries in Europe.

Facebook plans to open most of its U.S. offices with up to 50 percent occupancy by early September and full occupancy in October.

In addition, the company plans to hold regular face-to-face meetings for office and remote employees to “support relationships.” Those who plan to work in the office will be asked to come at least half the time to create an active office atmosphere.

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