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Do you need auto-reply in Gmail? Here’s what to think

In today’s world, it’s already becoming difficult to do without e-mail. Many operations not only on the Internet but also in real life require an e-mail address. At the very least, to register anywhere, you already need an email.

If you are an employee of a company and work in an office (or remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic), then you definitely need a corporate e-mail account to communicate on various work issues with your colleagues, receive tasks and instructions from your superiors, receive customer requests, and so on.

Well, let’s pretend that you go on vacation and can’t be in touch for a while. This means that you won’t be able to respond to emails yourself. What should you do in that case?

In that case, the Gmail auto-reply feature can help you. So, here is what you should know about the auto-reply feature in Gmail and whether you need it at all.

What is an autoresponder on a cell phone

Before figuring out whether you need the auto-reply in Gmail, let’s get to the bottom of what an email autoresponder and an autoresponder in general are.

Autoresponder is a useful tool for phones that allows you to record incoming calls when it isn’t possible to receive them. It comes in handy if the smartphone user cannot answer the call himself – the voice call will be recorded and automatically saved for later playback.

To start using the autoresponder on your phone, you need to activate the service by following the instructions on the official website of the cellular operator. Usually, you have to type a certain combination of characters on the phone keypad or send an SMS message to a specified operator’s number.

In short, to set up an autoresponder on your phone, you have to try really hard. And it can be really quite difficult in some cases because at the very least you have to contact the provider.

What is an email autoresponder

An email autoresponder is the automatic generation of replies to incoming emails by a webmail server. Generally, an auto-reply is used in situations where you can’t react quickly to a person’s email. “On vacation”, “Away”, “Out of the office”, and other similar phrases are classic examples of automatic responses.

All modern email services, including such a service from Google as Gmail, provide an opportunity to add an automatic reply to specific addresses from incoming emails. All you have to do is simply set the time interval (for example, first day and last day of vacation) when the automatic reply generation will work.

After the option is enabled, template responses will be sent to specified inboxes. You can also set an auto-reply for specific addresses, but not for all mails that fall into the Inbox folder. Keep in mind that a signature will be added to the template reply only if it’s specified in your email box settings.

What message to add to the auto-reply in Gmail

Email templates can have a different look and text content. Often an auto-reply can be limited to a short phrase: “I received your email, but unfortunately I’m not in touch yet, and I’ll write a reply as soon as I get back”. If you have gone on vacation, it’s worth informing the recipient about the date on which you will be back at work and will be able to do business.

It’s important to let your clients know that as soon as you go to work, the first thing you’ll do is sort through the email and respond to all their messages: “I’ll be back from vacation on July 21 and will respond to your letter as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding”.

Here’s another example of a simple, universal autoresponder template for work emails: “Thanks for the email. I am on vacation until July 21. If you have urgent questions, please contact me by phone… Or contact my colleague named, who will be happy to help resolve your issue”ю

Do you need auto-reply in Gmail

Automatic replies in Gmail are very useful for people who work in business, marketing, service, in managerial positions and constantly have to be in contact with their subordinates, colleagues, and customers.

As a rule, users set up automatic replies in cases where they can’t be in touch for some time. So, for example, if the person has gone on vacation or will be on the road for a long time, it’s advisable to notify your email contacts that you are out of touch and will respond a little later. That’s when you’ll really need this option.


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