Exclusive: Microsoft refuses to acquire Discord for $17 billion


On March 23-25, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported that Microsoft is in talks to buy Discord. The approximate purchase price would have been $10 billion, which Microsoft planned to pay for with its shares.

However, according to our source in Discord, company’s management wants at least “twice as much as Skype in 2011”.

Recall that Skype was acquired by Microsoft for $8.5 billion.

The previous price that was discussed was $12.5 billion. But according to our source, the company was “encouraged by the reaction of the media” and “the company compares it to the reaction to the Skype purchase,” which “seems much more positive.

According to preliminary information, Microsoft refuses to pay that price, aiming at a price $5-6 billion lower than what Discord wants to get. But negotiations are still going on.

If Microsoft finally refuses, Discord plans to go for an IPO in the beginning of 2022.

According to the last funding round, current Discord net worth is $7 billion.


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