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How to log out of Hulu on Roku

Hulu is famous for its high-quality video-on-demand series, and in fact, you should also pay tribute to the excellent user interface and account manager. Since Hulu is available on almost all modern devices, it’s easy enough to manage your accounts. If you’re already registered on Hulu, you know that you can have multiple accounts. So sometimes you may need to know how to switch between accounts quickly.

Or you don’t want to continue watching Hulu at all and you’ve decided to change the streaming series. On Roku, you can set a lot of such series, the main thing is to choose what you like. But here you have decided to unsubscribe from Hulu or make a break – how can I leave my Hulu account? Everything, in fact, couldn’t be simpler.

What is Roku and why it’s so popular

Roku is an American company that produces set-top boxes that connect to TVs and turn them into “smart” ones. The devices are connected to the Internet and allow you to watch programs, movies, and TV series in apps or on online movie theater sites. Today half a million movies and shows are available on Roku, and even users can create their own channels. Advertising and subscription sales on the platform are increasing – Roku earned $225 million from them in 2017, and $416 million in 2018, and intends to double that amount again this year.

Unlike competitors’ set-top boxes, the Roku operating system is completely open, which facilitates the free emergence and development of new apps and channels. In addition, Roku doesn’t restrict the work of competing services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, and HBO. Therefore, even direct competitors continue to actively develop their Roku-based apps.

At the same time, Roku encourages the launch of new channels, and even ordinary users can create them: no deep programming knowledge or other special skills are required. All in all, Roku offers more than 4,000 free and paid channels with 500,000 available movies and shows.

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What can cause you to leave Hulu

Now consider the option where you obviously didn’t like Hulu and you just need to leave your account to either take a break and find something more suitable, or you realized that on a particular device Hulu app doesn’t work quite as you wanted and so looking for the Log out button. At the very least you may not even like Hulu for the price – after all, the basic subscription to Hulu costs $6.99 per month and is ad-supported, so if you want to watch Hulu without ads, you have to pay a little more – $12.99-per-month.

Also, this may be the reason that you need to change your account. Yes, you can create multiple accounts when you subscribe to Hulu – just in case you have family members who also want to watch something to their liking. To avoid clogging up your account with browsing stories and different content, Hulu gives you the option to have more than one account.

It may be a situation where you’ll have friends who will want to watch TV, but your account won’t be very convenient for them to navigate, so it would be logical to give them access to their account. And although it will take a little time, still the watch history and the content search will be much more convenient for them, so let’s jump into how to do it right on Roku.

What about signing out of Hulu on Roku device

So, you’re about to leave your Hulu account, but you don’t know how to do it right? In fact, leaving the account is much easier than it seems. In general, if you have a Roku console and you at the moment want to leave your Hulu account through it, you must remember one thing. If you want to go back to your account, you must enter your credentials. Remember them before you log in. This is how to leave a Hulu account:

  • Primitively, you should join up your Roku streaming device with your TV and connect them both with internet sources.
  • Head over to the pre-installed channel section of Roku from its Home Dashboard.
  • After that, pick out the Hulu channel on the Roku channel store and unfold it by using the remote.
  • In the same way, enter into the Dashboard of the Hulu channel to pop on the profile icon field on that page.
  • Moreover, you should scroll through that screen to reach the log out tab on it.
  • Next, tap on the log out tab to get done to log out of the process of Hulu on the Roku device.

If you want to change the streaming series, then you can start a problematic period from other services with your Rocku receiver. This way you can diversify your TV viewing experience and find the most comfortable VoD.

Are there ways to leave Hulu account on Roku via the website

What if you don’t have access to the TV and your set-top box right now? Is it even possible to leave your Hulu account without turning on Roku? Of course, you can. Just remember, as soon as you use this method, you’ll automatically be logged out from your Hulu account on your Roku. Here’s how to do it from the Hulu website:

  • First, take your PC or laptop and link it up with a high-speed source of internet service.
  • The next step is to enter the Hulu on the search function on the browser of your PC or laptop.
  • After this, initiate to intrude to the official site of Hulu and do the login process with its details.
  • Likewise, you should click on the profile section and head to choose the watch Hulu tab.
  • Then lead into manage devices to manage your account on Hulu and tap on the account name.
  • Moreover, pick out the log out on all devices tile on that screen and confirm it.
  • Next, we’ve done the logout process of Hulu on Roku with the help of the website.

As you can see, everything is very simple and Hulu took care of the synchronization of different devices saving time and even in some way protecting your account from hacking. This way, you don’t have to log in to the Hulu app itself on your device to change your account or leave the old one.

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Is it possible to log out of Hulu on Roku via the mobile device

Another very convenient way to leave your Hulu account on all other devices will be through a mobile device – a tablet or smartphone on Android or iPhone. This way you don’t even have to access the site through your browser. All you’ll need is the ability to connect to the Internet and the Hulu app itself:

  • Initially, it leads to fusing up your mobile phone with the speed supply of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, head over to the Hulu app to click on the account tab on the Home.
  • After this, move forward to the Account page and head to settings to choose the privacy and settings.
  • Plus, you’ve to click on Protect your account and press the log-out tab.
  • By this, you can now complete the logout process of Hulu on Roku with the help of a mobile app.

This is how you can easily manage your Hulu accounts. In the same way, you can do the opposite – log in to your account and synchronize your devices. Everything is very simple. However, if you’re faced with the problem that you can not leave your account at all in spite of all the methods above – perhaps Hulu has a temporary problem with the server. Try using the DownDetector to make sure that the problem is on Hulu’s side. In that case, you’ll have to wait for the server to fix it.

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