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How to use TimeShift on LG TV to rewind shows

Models of modern LG smart TVs have a lot of interesting features. All of these features are designed to make watching movies, TV shows, and other content on your TV more convenient and immersive. The presence of revolutionary features usually significantly increases the cost of the TV. One such feature is the TimeShift feature on LG TVs.

TimeShift is a fairly common option in smart TVs not only from LG but also from Samsung and other manufacturers. In short, it’s the ability to stop and rewind live TV. This means that if you’re late to the NBA finals, you can simply rewind the program a few hours and watch it almost live. Well, let’s take a closer look at how to use TimeShift on your LG TV to rewind shows and other content.

What is TimeShift?

TimeShift is a feature that allows you to shift the live TV frame in time. The user is in control of the digital broadcast. He or she can go away to run errands, make coffee or talk on the phone while the playback is paused. When time expires, viewing resumes, as if going back in time. This is somewhat similar to the way the Hulu streaming service works on LG TV.

The TimeShift option not only allows you to pause the TV and then resume watching. The viewer can apply pause repeatedly to rewind, but with background recording active. Since the data is stored on a USB drive, it takes up some space. The amount of content depends on the video resolution, space optimization technology, and recording format.

TimeShift is only used for the channel currently being viewed. When you switch, the function starts again and the recording for the previous channel is lost. With the TimeShift feature, you can rewind programs during watching and rewind certain scenes or segments that you missed. TimeShift can save up to 90 minutes of video at a time.

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How to use TimeShift to rewind shows on LG TV

If you want to use TimeShift to rewind shows while watching them and replay certain scenes or parts that you missed, you must have a USB device connected to your LG TV and configured for Time Machine II. The TimeShift feature has also to be enabled on your LG TV. So, follow these steps:

  • First of all, ensure that the USB device for Time Machine II is connected to your LG TV. It’s recommended to use SSD or HDD drives between 40 GB and 2 TB space.
  • Then, press the “Q.Menu (1 2 3)” button on your Magic Remote Control to display the Screen Remote.
  • After that, select the “Clock” icon on the Screen Remote to display Progress Bar.
  • Next, choose “Option” to open the window for setting up Time Machine II.
  • Select the “Initialize” option under “USB Device Initialization”.
  • Finally, press “Yes” to initialize the USB device.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to use a USB device for the Time Machine II function to rewind shows on your LG TV. In almost the same way you can also use the TimeShift option on Samsung TV.

What are the benefits of the TimeShift feature?

Many viewers love to watch sports events on TV, in particular – NBA games, the UEFA Champions League, etc. Sometimes at the most important moment, when the attack promises to end with a goal, there are distractions. Either the wife called for help, or a friend called. In general, there’s a risk of missing an important moment.

This is true not only for sports programs but also for TV series, TV shows, and movies on TV. It would be nice to be able to click on pause, solve the problem and continue from the same place, just like in online mode, for example, using ESPN+ on LG TV. TimeShift provides precisely this kind of functionality.

The main advantage of TimeShift is that you can take your eyes off the screen for a while and then pick up where you left off. The advantages also include:

  • Easy setup.
  • Requires only an additional storage device, and sometimes doesn’t require it at all, as it uses the memory built into the TV or cloud storage.
  • The ability to review the content at any time.

You should also know that the record will be kept as long as there is enough space. If memory is limited, the TV will start recording over the previous broadcasts.

What are the possible limitations of the TimeShift feature?

Limitations of the TimeShift function may include:

  • Only one channel can be recorded – the one you watch.
  • When you switch channels, the recording of the channel you are on starts. The previous recording will be deleted.
  • Time limit. The duration of the recorded broadcast will depend on the memory capacity of your storage device.

Other than that, you should know that it’s best to turn off ads on your LG TV so that the recording of the show doesn’t get interrupted and take the ads with it.

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What is an alternative option to TimeShift?

A more advanced version of the technology in question can be called PVR. It can be found on the most advanced televisions. The main advantages lie in several points:

  • The recording is done in the background according to a set schedule.
  • At the time of saving the content of the selected TV channel, you can watch other channels.
  • In all cases with PVR, there’s a built-in memory with a minimum capacity of 1 GB.

Such a function significantly increases the cost of the TV. It allows you to make it a real recording device because the information can be downloaded to an external drive.

TimeShift technology is considered one of the most popular features in TVs. It allows you to pause the TV and record information as needed. Its presence is indicated in the specification. When choosing a TV according to this parameter, you should consider the possibility of connecting an external hard drive and its maximum capacity. The higher the value, the more recordings you can save.


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