Recently, LG has introduced a Gallery Mode, a feature that allows turning your TV into a canvas for displaying paintings and other art. That’s quite a nice feature that enriches your TV with one more function, allowing you to use your TV as a gallery when it’s not used for watching movies or series. Now, your TV won’t your TV won’t be a black hole when turned off, and you can use it as a device to display pictures or art.

Of course, you can set just about any TV to display a slideshow, but LG TV’s Gallery Mode offers some additional features.

What is LG TV Gallery Mode?

As I said, LG TV Gallery Mode differs from a typical slideshow. First of all, LG already collected pictures to show in this mode and they’re stored on LG servers. All you need to start demonstrating them is just the Internet connection. Secondly, you can choose a particular type of image you want your TV to show, for example, jungles, rivers, or mountains. Thirdly, LG has added a frame to make the picture more beautiful, which makes the TV more like a real painting in a gallery.

What is LG TV Gallery Mode

LG TV Gallery Mode Common Questions

However, LG TV Gallery Mode has a several restrictions:

  • You can’t adjust any Gallery Mode settings, including the amount of the time each picture would be displayed;
  • You can’t add your own pictures to the Gallery Mode;

LG has made it impossible to change the time that the image will remain on the screen because of OLED screens limitations. If one image remains on the screen for a long time, it may result in the screen’s burnout. That’s why LG has chosen the optimal carousel time and doesn’t allow you to change it.

However, I can’t explain why LG has removed the opportunity to use your own pictures in the Gallery Mode. For me that seems to be a little bit strange, but I assume that’s because OLED screens limitations as well.


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