Alexa Communications is the feature that allows you to make calls using your Amazon Echo. You can make calls and make messages not only between the Amazon Echo devices but also between Amazon Echo and the Alexa App.

Alexa Communications allow you to make calls and send messages between:

  • You and your Alexa contacts;
  • Call to mobile and landline numbers in the US, Mexico, and Cannada toll-free;
  • Send messages to your Alexa contacts using your Alexa app.

You can use Alexa Communications using your Alexa app or your Amazon Echo.

How To use Alexa Communications using your Alexa app

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone;
  • Tap on more icon;
  • Settings -> Communication -> Alexa devices;
  • Choose your Alexa device;
  • Choose Communication;

In communication tab you can manage Echo devices that are permitted to participate. You can choose only household devices (connected to one Wi-Fi network) or allow other Echo devices participate as well.

To manage permitted contacts you should do the following:

  1. Open ‘communicate’;
  2. Select your profile icon;
  3. Choose the contacts that you want allow to communicate with you;
  4. Click on ‘Permissions’ and then click ‘Allow Drop-Ins’;


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