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More than 100 million songs are now available on Apple Music

Apple has announced that Apple Music now has more than 100 million songs. In 2015, when the company first launched the streaming service, it had 30 million songs. That means you’re now sure to find tracks you like. Apple also claims to be adding about 20,000 new songs to the service every day.

This indicator has already given Apple Music an advantage over its main competitors. Spotify, for example, claims to have more than 80 million tracks in its library. Although this is a vast selection, you will still have more of it on the Apple streaming platform than elsewhere.

The question, of course, is whether this advantage is enough to change another streaming platform to Apple Music. It’s unclear how many songs are exclusives, such as original DJ mixes or live performances.

In any case, the figure of 100 million songs so far gives Apple the right to triumph. It can claim a more extensive library, which may appeal to first-time users worried about finding their favorite song. Nonetheless, Spotify may well beat Apple Music’s record soon.



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