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Now you can post Stories on the Signal messaging app

Signal has added a feature to share photos with friends in the form of Stories. It’s somewhat similar to Snapchat or Instagram. The feature comes a month after it was announced that it was joining the Stories camp and was already beta-testing it.

You can now post photos, which will be available to view in the app for 24 hours if you don’t delete them before that time expires. Signal says that, like everything available on its app, Stories are encrypted end-to-end and will only be visible to the people you choose to share them with.

You can also create your own stories, only available to selected viewers. Furthermore, there is the option to share Stories with existing groups. Just keep in mind that everyone in the group will be able to see what you’re sharing, even those with whom you’ve never chatted in separate chats.

So far, Signal is losing the competition to giants like Instagram and Telegram. So it’s anyone’s guess as to whether Signal will be able to get people to use the app more. Stories from Signal are already available on the Android and iOS apps and will soon be available on desktops. There’s also an option in the app to turn Stories off.



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