Instagram added an in-app scheduler for planning posts

Instagram is releasing its in-app post scheduler, allowing select users to schedule their posts in advance without resorting to Meta’s Creator Studio or third-party services. The app will enable companies and authors to organize videos, photos, and carousels for up to 75 days. Instagram has been testing the feature for the past few weeks, giving access to the tool to a small percentage of its global community before releasing it on a more comprehensive (but still limited) basis.

To access the feature, users will have to go to Advanced Settings after creating their post but before sharing it with their subscribers. There, they can enable the Schedule this post option and select a time and date for publication. Then they need to go back to the post they are creating and click Schedule.

According to TechCrunch, which reported on the testing, scheduled posts can be seen in the Scheduled Content section, accessed through the hamburger menu. The process may be more straightforward, but this feature eliminates the need to use a separate Creator Studio website or app for a more convenient experience.

Instagram hasn’t yet announced whether the scheduler will be available to all users in the future. Also, Instagram has launched Achievements. Creators can unlock them by completing specific actions, such as collaborating with another creator or making interactive videos with polls and quizzes.



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