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What devices Disney Plus is available on

Among the variety of streaming services, Disney Plus is really outstanding. At least, because you can watch Disney Plus and its subsidiaries’ exclusives, such as Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. Another good news is that Disney Plus is available on a wide variety of devices, and that was one of the reasons that helped Disney Plus’s subscription skyrocket to 116 million subscribers so fast. Add to this the price of Disney Plus (only $8 per month) – and you will get an answer why this service rocks now.

Actually, there are different ways how you can watch Disney Plus, including Smart TVs, Android and Apple devices, and even PlayStation 5. So if you’re interested in Disney Plus – you may be interested in what devices it’s available on. And this article will provide you with the full info about devices you can use to watch Disney Plus.

What devices you can watch Disney Plus on?

In fact, you can watch Disney Plus on a wide variety of devices. Now, I will explain what devices you can watch Disney Plus on. This include:

  • Web browsers:
    • For Windows (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or any other browser).
    • For Mac (Safari or Google Chrome).
    • For Chrome OS (Google Chrome).
  • Mobile devices (using Disney Plus mobile app):
    • Android phones (Android OS 5.0 Lollipop or later).
    • Android tablets (Android OS 5.0 Lollipop or later).
    • iPhone (running iOS 12 or later).
    • iPad (running iPad OS 12 or later).
    • Amazon Fire Tablet (FireOS 5.0 or later).
  • Smart TVs:
    • Running Android TV OS.
    • Samsung Smart TVs.
    • LG Smart TVs.
    • Roku TVs.

Let’s stop a little bit and talk more about Smart TVs that support Disney Plus. Android TVs include Sharp AQUOS and Sony Bravia, as well as TV set-top boxes like the Mi Box or Nvidia Shield TV. In case you want to watch Disney Plus on Android TV, you will need to download the Disney Plus app from Google Play Store.

If we talk about Samsung Smart TV – you can watch Disney Plus on any Samsung Smart TV of 2016 or later. However, the TV should have an HD resolution and be running Tizen OS.

In case you have an LG Smart TV – you can watch Disney Plus if you have a TV that runs WebOS OS 3.0 or later (that are TVs released in 2016 and after). You will need to download Disney Plus from LG Content Store.

If you have a Roku TV (that includes Element, Hisense, Hitachi, JVC, Philips, Sanyo, and Sharp) – you can add Disney Plus via Roku Channel Store.

  • Other devices:
    • Amazon Fire TV.
    • Apple TV (4th generation and more recent ones).
    • Chromebook (via Google Chrome browser).
    • You can cast Disney Plus via Apple AirPlay.
    • PlayStation 4 (Slim, Pro, and standard).
    • PlayStation 5.
    • Chromecast.
    • Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.
    • Roku (Roku Express, Roku Express 4K+, Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar, Roku TVs, Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku 1, Roku 2, and so on).
    • Sky Q devices.

You can watch Disney Plus on any Amazon Fire device, as well as on Amazon Fire TV with Fire OS.

Also, if you’re using Chromecast as the main device – you can cast from iOS, Android, and Google Chrome web browser. Moreover, you can cast to devices like Google Nest Hub Max, Android TV devices, and Vizio Smart TVs, Google Chromecast V1 or later, and Google Nest Hub with built-in Chromecast.

What devices Disney Plus isn’t available for

However, there are some devices Disney Plus isn’t currently available on. These include:

  • All Nintendo consoles.
  • Samsung Smart TVs with Orsay OS.
  • Some Roku devices:
    • Roku 2 HD models 3000X and 3050X
    • Roku 2 XS model 3100X
    • Roku HD model 2500X
    • Roku Streaming Stick models 3400X and 3420X
    • Roku LT model 2400X and 2450X
  • LG Netcast TVs.
  • Apple TV (1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen).
  • Browsers on Smart TVs, Gaming consoles, or Streaming Devices.
  • Linux OS devices.
  • Mobile browsers.

How many devices you can stream Disney Plus at the same time

You can connect as many devices to your Disney Plus account as you want. However, there’s a limit for simultaneous streams – only 4 streams at the same time.

But you can also download content to up to 10 devices and watch it offline. So if you want to try – you can watch content on more than 4 devices, but you will need to download it previously. So it seems like a good offering for large households.

This story wawritten by Vladislav Sheridan and was reviewed by Jane Weisenthal, a Senior Tech Editor at Splaitor, according to Splaitor’s Quality and Fact-Checking Policy.

Featured image credit: Tom’s Guide

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