Although technology development in TVs has slowed down recently, technology is still improving. For example, in 2021, Samsung added a new item in picture quality settings, a Natural Mode. This mode will improve your viewing experience, so the company hopes it will become popular among TVs’ owners.

What is Natural Mode in Samsung TV?

Natural Mode is actually a mode for automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast of the TV picture depending on the surrounding light. In simple terms, it’s similar to the auto brightness adjustment on your smartphone, where the brightness changes depending on the lighting around you.

When you turn on Natural Mode, the TV activates the ambient light sensor and starts adjusting the brightness and contrast of the picture itself to get the best possible results.

Most televisions have the sensor on the side or bottom so that it is not affected by light from the TV screen.

Should you use Natural Mode in Samsung TV?

In fact, it is important that the brightness of your TV screen varies depending on the time on the clock. In the daytime, when your room is flooded with light, you’re more likely to set the brightness to maximum and that’s a good solution. However, when evening comes and there is much less natural light, you are unlikely to care about turning down the brightness of the screen.

Still, it is critical to your health because watching TV at high brightness at night will tire your eyes and lead to headaches. From this point of view, Natural Mode is a good solution.

But there is another side of the coin. Personally, I don’t like the automatic brightness adjustment on smartphones, it almost always makes the screen too bright in daylight and too faded in a dark room. That’s why I don’t use the auto brightness adjustment features on smartphones. And I have my suspicions that the same problem could be with TVs.

Anyway, I recommend you try Natural Mode first, but if you don’t like it, just turn it off.


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