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Why is Apple Pencil so expensive: Here’s why it cost so much

Apple has always been associated with high-quality and expensive products. No matter what type of technology they produce, it has always been in demand and desired by many. One of the reasons for the popularity of Apple is that having a worldwide reputation and excellent reputation they have never lowered the bar for the quality of their products and always justified expectations. The same applies to one of the latest Apple gimmicks – the Apple Pencil. Let’s take a look at whether the Apple Pencil is worth its money and how it differs from the competitors. 

Reasons why the Apple Pencil costs so much

Apple regularly releases new devices. Every one of them outperforms its competitors from other brands, the Apple Pencil is no exception. While the Apple Pencil is four times more expensive than other competitive products on the market, there are reasons for this. Here they are:

  • The Apple Pencil comes in its signature patent color. The characteristic exterior of Apple is clearly visible in its design. When you look at the Apple Pencil because of the light coloring tones it already seems extremely light. You can literally feel how comfortable it is before you even use it. When you take it in your hand you find that it’s very light and it feels like you’re using a pencil. Apple has worked not only on the design but on the technical component. The Apple Pencil automatically detects what pressure you use to write, thus avoiding unnecessary lines if you have no intention to leave anything on your screen. In fact, you hardly need to press down to put ink on your iPad, just a single touch is all it takes.
  • The Apple Pencil has a lot of variability in the way it applies ink. You can adjust the thickness, select the sensitivity modes and the tools to write anything. You can also easily undo and redo already drawn elements. The Apple Pencil moves very smoothly and as I said before, it’s a pleasure to use. 
  • The best thing about the Apple Pencil is that it has a rounded tip while other pen tablets have a pointy one. The sharp end can damage the screen when you write or draw something on it. 

The Apple Pencil offers you quality and reliability with a clever design and an extremely comfortable user experience. If you don’t mind paying money for quality and surely reliable products, the Apple Pencil should be your choice. Choose it and after a while, you will realize that you aren’t sorry for your money. 

This article was written by Vladimir Sereda and was reviewed by Vladislav Sheridan, a Managing Editor at Splaitor, according to Splaitor’s Quality and Fact-Checking Policy.

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