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Apple agreed to pay $50 million to MacBook owners for butterfly keyboard malfunction

If you bought a MacBook with a butterfly keyboard and then needed to replace some or all of the keys, you can get a refund from Apple. Apple has agreed to pay $50 million.

The law firm handling the settlement has been sending emails to class members since mid-December. You can also receive payments if you lose money on the repair of your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro equipped with a Butterfly keyboard between 2015 and 2019.

Although Apple eventually abandoned this keyboard in 2020, many customers had to replace individual keys or even the entire MacBook keyboard in the affected models.

Several lawsuits were filed in this regard, and a class action lawsuit was certified in 2021.

How to reimburse the costs?

You need to submit a claim at keyboardsettlement.com. Then evaluated at the settlement hearing, which is scheduled for March 16.

Your claim will be distributed to one of the groups of plaintiffs. The first includes everyone who had to replace the keyboard more than once. This group should receive the payment automatically but must confirm their mailing address to receive the payment of $395 (maximum).

The other two groups, which include anyone who replaced the entire keyboard or individual keys and found that this did not solve their problems, will need to apply for compensation. You can receive up to $125 for keyboard replacement and up to $50 for keycaps.

Settlement payments are only available if the repair was performed by Apple or one of its authorized service centers within four years of purchase.



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