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How scammers are tricking people into unlocking stolen iPhone

Today, scammers use various schemes to be able to use a ‘clean’ iPhone. People have turned to the police in different situations. However, is it worth counting on the Lock Activation and Find My?

What do scammers do?

There have been repeated warnings in the news for people to be more careful. As the water on the street threatened a person demanded to log out of their Apple ID account. In order to be able to log into your account and use that iPhone fully. Obviously, people who find themselves in such a situation will agree to this in order to remain unharmed.

Along with this, there is another way to cheat. This method is much more common because scammers are less likely to be caught by the police. Scammers send text messages to owners of lost or stolen devices, claiming that the iPhone has been found with all the personal data on it.

Photos, contacts, email and text message content, or even banking and other personal information are allegedly at risk. They do these things to make the owner of the iPhone start to worry and get out of their scholarly record. They will ask owners to remove the device from Find My on iCloud.com to protect the data.

This will help the scammer make full use of the stolen iPhone. Since after that, that person will be able to log into their Apple ID and install any apps. Because when a scammer steals an iPhone, without knowing the password, all this person can do is sell it for parts. So if the real owner leaves the account, the scammer will have more options.

Does it pay to worry about your data if you lose your iPhone?

If you lose your iPhone, you can always lock it using Find My. After that, the thief won’t be able to use your iPhone. Since Apple’s security measures are quite reliable and this means that if you lose your phone, the thief is unlikely to get some information from your iPhone.

First of all, don’t let yourself be fooled by people who try to convince you to disable the activation lock by remotely removing the device from your Apple ID.

In case you lose it, look up the location where your iPhone is and go looking for it. However, don’t choke on your emotions and do what the scammers are texting you. They will only try to scare you in a text message. The most important thing is that you aren’t threatened on the street. In such cases, you will need the police.



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