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Why is only one Airpod not working

Airpods are quite reliable earbuds but if the Airpod is broken, you need to try to fix them using different methods. It happens that the Airpod disconnects from time to time. It can also fail to connect at all. It doesn’t matter if the left or right earpiece doesn’t work, the principle of solving the problem will be the same.

What to do to fix a broken Airpod?

Some of the most common problems are that the Airpod sounds quieter than others, or during a call or while playing music the sound is lost. If there is any problem with the Airpod you need to follow the further recommendations.

Clean the Airpod from dirt.

This is the easiest way and many people have a problem with it. Sometimes the sound is much lower due to dirt. Don’t use water and sweat the Airpod. Take a cotton swab and gently clean the debris and do the same with the case.

Checking the Airpods charge.

Put both Airpods earbuds in the charging case for about 15-30 seconds. This is how the earbuds get the charge they need to react. Open the AirPods case next to your iPhone or iPad. Then you will see the AirPods charging or that one earphone is charging.

Open the AirPods case next to your iPhone or iPad. Then you will see the AirPods charging or that one earphone is charging. After that, you will be able to see if the AirPods are plugged in and if the case is charging. Because if it’s not, further action is pointless.

Rebooting Bluetooth and iPhone.

It’s often the case that rebooting your phone is what helps fix the problem of one Airpods earbud not working. You need to first turn off Bluetooth on your phone, wait a few seconds and turn it back on. Connect to the earbuds and if it’s still the same, reboot the phone. After that, try to connect again.

Forget AirPods from the list of Bluetooth devices.

To forget the Airpods you need:

  • Open the settings on your iPhone.
  • Then select the Bluetooth section
  • Then select Airpods from the list of devices and select Forget device.

After that, you need to reconnect and test the Airpods operation.

Reset the Airpods.

This method is the last and most time-consuming. If the Airpod has no mechanical problems, resetting should solve the situation. To reset the Airpods you need to:

  • Put both earbuds in the case, and close the lid for 30 seconds. Open the case and hold the button on it (on the back) for about 15 seconds until the indicator light starts flashing
  • The indicator light will start flashing yellow, and then white.
  • Close the lid, you can wait 15 seconds, and your settings are reset.

After these steps, you will need to reconnect the Airpods to your device after purchase. Then test the operation.

Contact a service center.

People usually resort to this method when none of the other methods have solved the problem. If your Airpod is something more serious, which requires mechanical intervention, it’s obvious that it’s better to have it done by a specialist. More often than not, when people try to fix a non-functioning Airpod, they only make the situation worse. So it’s better to get your Airpod working from a professional.



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