How to turn off voice guide on Samsung TV

Voice Guide is a Samsung TV function provided for people with vision impairments. This function describes every action you do on TV and each icon you highlight. Unfortunately, for many users, sometimes it’s working without their permission.

Sometimes Samsung TV users may find that they can hear everything they do. This can happen because someone has accidentally turned on the Voice Guide. Fortunately, since the Voice Guide is one of the accessibility features, you and any other user can turn it off. You just need to know exactly where, in the accessibility settings, the toggle switch is located. So, here’s how you can do this.

Why is Voice Guide enabled on Samsung TV?

To turn on Voice Guide on your Samsung TV, you should go to the accessibility settings. It’s unlikely that there was a bug in the Tizen OS of the Samsung TV that activated Voice Guide. The chance for it’s almost as rare as for Samsung TV turning on without command.

Usually, this situation happens because people reach the accessibility menu by holding the remote volume button. If you did this, you could turn on the Voice Guide function without knowing it. Even more often, your kid or someone among elders could do the same thing.

However, not all Samsung TVs have a shortcut access function for accessibility settings. Because of this, if you have kids or someone used your TV without you, consider that they just turned enabled Voice Guide on purpose from the settings menu.

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How to turn off Voice Guide in accessibility settings on Samsung TV

The most common way to turn off the Voice Guide on Samsung TV is to use the settings menu on the Home screen. To do this – follow 4 simple steps:

  • Find the gear icon on the bottom panel of the Home screen.
  • Choose it and open Settings. There, open the “General” tab.
  • Then, navigate to “Accessibility”.
  • There find the “Voice Guide” tab. Open it and disable the option.

As you can see, it’s nothing difficult about it. Voice Guide settings are located in the same category as Caption settings and Remote Guide settings. You need just to know where the accessibility section is, and you’ll easily adjust any of these functions. It’s good when there’s no unnecessary audio support or, for example, any ads that annoy you while you’re watching TV.

How to turn off Voice Guide via shortcut to the accessibility settings on Samsung TV

Also, the main reason why Voice Guide can suddenly start working is a volume button on your remote. You could accidentally hold it for too long and, turn this function on. It’s a good thing that you can fix it in the same way:

  • Press and hold the volume button on your TV remote till accessibility settings will show up.
  • There, find and choose the “Voice Guide” tab. It may also happen that Samsung TV will redirect you to the Voice Guide tab at once.
  • Disable Voice Guide and exit the settings.

This is the fastest way to turn off Voice Guide. Just repeat it any time if you want to turn it on or have fast access to the accessibility settings. Maybe it’ll help you when you’ll need to fix something else on your Samsung TV.

How to turn off Voice Guide on older Samsung TV models

If your Samsung TV was released before 2013, or it doesn’t have Smart functions, you obviously won’t have a Home screen in it. In such cases, you’ll need to use your remote to turn off Voice Guide. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • On your remote control, press the “Menu” button to open the settings.
  • From available options, choose the “Sound” or “Sound Mode” tab.
  • After that, look for the “Broadcast” option and open it.
  • There, choose “Audio Language”.
  • Check if an English Audio Description is selected. If it’s, then it means that Voice Guide is turned on. To turn it off, change this function to “English” only.

You can use this method with any Samsung TV whose remote control has a Menu button. To turn Voice Guide on these TVs off, you can also just press and hold the Menu button for several seconds. It also can do.

How to disable Voice Guide on Samsung TV in an alternative way

If for any reason the methods above didn’t change anything, there’s another one that can help you. Besides the Voice Guide, another function that can give you the audio description is Bixby. If you’ll disable both, Voice Guide and Bixby, you’ll fix your problem. To disable Bixby on Samsung TV, do the next things:

  • On the Home screen, navigate to Settings.
  • In Settings, go to the “General” tab.
  • Highlight Bixby Voice Settings and open it.
  • There, find Voice Response settings and turn them off.
  • Then, open the Voice wake-up settings and also disable them.

Check if your audio support still working. In case you still hear every action you do, contact tech support of your TV. Maybe you’re that rare case when something went wrong with OS.

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How to adjust Voice Guide volume on Samsung TV

If you still need Voice Guide assistance, but it’s too loud or too quiet, you can adjust its volume, speech speed, and tone. For that, you should proceed to the accessibility settings and then change the options you need. To do that:

  • Open Settings on your Home screen.
  • In the Settings menu, go to the “General” tab.
  • There, proceed to “Accessibility”.
  • Open the “Voice Guide” tab.
  • There you’ll see speech speed, volume, and tone.
  • Finally, you can adjust them the way you see best for you.

After you finish it, check if your new settings suit you. You can always change them again in the same place, or turn Voice Guide off if you’re done with it.

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